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LILY Camera : The Future of Photography… and Selfie-Stick

Approximately 2 days ago, a promo video about a certain camera-drone went viral and captured the attention of online community across the globe, including in Malaysia. Lily The Flying Camera (or Lily) , managed to capture our hearts (no pun intended) and other Malaysians who have watched the 1-minutes over promo video.

Being in a generation where drones are widely used especially in photography and videography, we are no strangers to drone technology. But how and why Lily plans to revolutionised photography and videography like how they depicted in the image below?

Image Credit: LILY

Here, we listed down the features of this flying camera that sparked our interests in this Lily camera:

Cute & Attractive Design


To distinct itself from other drones or UAV, Lily is designed to look friendly, personalised, portable and compact. Its minimalist and cute design win over the bulky drones available in the market; though the latter are designed for different purposes and capabilities.

Image Credit: LILY

Auto Programmed & Easy to Use


 Throw this camera drone in the air and it flies itself – Wired


That is how easy it is to use Lily. No control or special skills in flying a drone required. Lily is programmed to automatically follows user as long as a tracking device is detected.

Image Credit: LILY

Waterproof & Cool Extras


Yes, it is waterproof. Perfect for our famous sudden downpour weather. Also, the tracking device is also equipped with a waterproof case.

Apart from the tracking device, a smartphone app (for both iOS and Android) is also provided just in case you want to tweak a little bit settings.

So the golden questions, how much does it cost? and where to buy Lily in Malaysia?  Well, currently it is not at retailing stage yet. However, you can go to Lily’s website to pre-order now and you will receive your Lily on approximately January 2016 at USD500 (around RM2000++ excluding the tax).

Oh, and they are going retail on February 2016 but with higher price tag…

From what we can conclude, Lily is not a revolution product for the drones industry. However, it is definitely a cooler way to fill up your Instagram or other social medias than the ever-annoying selfie sticks. As what we quoted from Wired:

It’s not the future of drones; it’s more like the future of the point-and-shoot. 



So that’s it for now. You can read more about Lily’s technical specs here


DISCLAIMER: We are not associated with Lily – The Flying Camera and its affiliates. All the contents written above are solely based on our opinions and our enthusiasm on such products.

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